Almost 11 years!

In August, a short 5 months from now, we will celebrate being open for 11 years! It is amazing how fast the time goes. We have former students who seemed so young when they began lessons who have now graduated from college and are working in their chosen career, some who have started their own family and many who are on their way to college.

The relationships with our students and their families are our most treasured part of what we do. When the music school was just in its "idea phase" one of the goals was that our space should be a place where everyone who comes in feels safe and "at home." When a parent tells us their child came out of a lesson in a better mood than when they came in; or when a student, or former student, drops by just to say hello it makes us feel like we are fulfilling that part of the goal. We also enjoy seeing the parents relaxed enough to fall fast asleep on our couches during their child's lesson. And the young person's always interesting, but not always gentle, technique for waking them up can be a source of entertainment for everyone but the parent.

We are thankful so many continue to keep in touch and we can keep up with them.